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At Sky River Properties, we are not just selling land; we're forging lasting relationships. Our approach to land investment is rooted in our core values: treating every client like family and operating with unshakeable honor, trust, and integerity. We are a dedicated family of land enthusiasts who are passionate about helping aspiring homesteaders, preppers, and hunters find their perfect piece of raw land. Our mission is to simplify the land-buying process, eliminating the endless searches, hassles, and red tape that often comes with it.

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Experience complete peace of mind with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – your assurance of absolute contentment with every land investment.

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Sky River Properties proudly offers the lowest prices in the market, ensuring your land investment is both affordable and valuable.

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Streamlines your journey to land ownership with the simplest, most straightforward process in the industry.

Land For Sale In : Owner Finance, Acreage, Farmland, And Residential Properties

Land – it’s the original real estate investment! For thousands of years, people have been acquiring land because they know that it’s a compelling investment.

Vacant land, raw land, empty land – there’s a reason why investors are still acquiring it today:

There’s a cap on supply(no one is making more land), yet there’s no cap on demand

Land is affordable– even land owner financing is available

Land has multiple profit strategies and exit strategiesso you have choices (build your dream home or partition it into the next major subdivision development)

“Land is tangible. Land can be used. You can walk on it. You can see it. You can touch it. You can feel it. It will never go away. Its overall net worth will never be zero (some assets can lose, and have lost ALL of their value).”

Here’s How To Buy Discount Land For Sale In

Investing in land for sale in has never been easier.

Some vacant land investors prefer to do the legwork themselves: they drive around or comb through city records to find landowners who are selling in the area. Then they approach those landowners and make an offer, negotiate the offer, and then set up the paperwork to make the sale.

Unfortunately, this level of effort is time-consuming and can even be very expensive as you burn through a tank of gas trying to find properties available for purchase. And, you only get access to a few pieces of land that you happen to drive past.

Fortunately, there’s another way to invest in land in, and this is where we at Sky River Properties, LLC have worked hard to position ourselves differently. We have become the experts in land investments in and around, and landowners come to us because they want to sell their land quickly.

With our reputation among land sellers, they send us their land investment opportunities all the time and we’ve built a pretty big list of land for investing.


Not only do you get access to our constantly updated list of land investments, but you’ll also love to know that many of these investments provide landowner financing, making them even more affordable to investors, including those who may not have all the capital up-front.

With owner financing, we’ll work with you to help you spread out the payments of owner financed land investments to match the level of financial commitment you’re comfortable with. With our owner financing programs, many people have found that they can invest in land when the once thought they wouldn’t be able to afford it!

(Go here to learn more about our landowner financing programs <<)

All properties are sold for cash. Buyers is responsible to do their own due diligence and verify all information. Prices are NET to seller with buyer paying all closing costs. Opinions of value are given as a courtesy and no guarantees are expressed or implied. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly if there is a property you want to purchase.